Suspends a Change Data Capture (CDC) stream in the specified RelationalAI (RAI) schema. Data synchronization is halted, but the schema retains to a snapshot of the data it has already received. Requires the cdc_amin or <schema>_cdc schema-specific application role.


<source_table_name>STRINGThe fully qualified name of the source table or view in Snowflake.


Use suspend_data_stream() to suspend an existing CDC data stream within a specified RAI schema. Replace <source_table_name> with the fully-qualified name of the source table or view.

For example, to suspend a stream for the table my_table in the schema my_db.my_schema:

CALL relationalai.my_schema.suspend_data_stream('my_db.my_schema.my_table');

When a stream is suspended, its RAI schema retains access to the data it has already received. Changes to the source table or view are still tracked, but not ingested. Change tracking consumes compute and storage resources. Use delete_data_stream() to delete the stream if you do not plan to resume it to avoid unnecessary costs.

Resume a suspended stream using the resume_data_stream() procedure.

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