rai engines:create [OPTIONS]

Create a new RelationalAI engine.


--nameTextThe name of the engine. Must be at least three characters, begin with a letter, and may only contain letters, numbers, and underscores. If missing, you are prompted to enter the name interactively.
--sizeTextThe size of the engine. Must be one of XS, S, M, or L. If missing, you are prompted to select the size interactively.
--poolTextThe Snowflake compute pool to create the engine in. If missing, you are prompted to select the pool interactively. Not used in Azure-based project.


Use the engines:create command to create a new RelationalAI engine. For example, to create a new engine named my-engine of size S, execute the following command:

$ rai engines:create --name my_engine --size S


▰▰▰▰ Fetched compute pools

? Compute pool:
│❯   4/4                                                                                   │
│❯ [REFETCH LIST]                                                                          │
│  SF_POOL_1                                                                               │
│  SF_POOL_2                                                                               │
│  SF_POOL_3                                                                               │

▰▰▰▰ Engine 'my_engine' created!


The engines:create command blocks until the engine is ready, which may take several minutes.

In Snowflake-based projects, engines are created in a Snowflake compute pool, which you must select from the list of available pools. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the list of pools. You can search for a pool by typing part of its name in the prompt.

Alternatively, you can use the --pool option to specify the pool name directly:

$ rai engines:create --name my_engine --size S --pool my_snowflake_pool


▰▰▰▰ Engine 'my_engine' created!


Azure-based projects do not use compute pools, so the --pool option is not available.

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