join(strings: Sequence[str | Producer], separator: str | Producer) -> Expression

Joins a sequence of strings into a single string using a separator. Must be called in a rule or query context.


stringsSequence of str or Producer objects.A sequence, such as a list or tuple, of strings to be joined.
separatorstr or ProducerThe string to use as the separator value.


An Expression object.


import relationalai as rai
from relationalai.std.strings import join

# Create a model named "people" with a Person type.
model = rai.Model("people")
Person = model.Type("Person")

# Add some people to the model.
with model.rule():
    alice = Person.add(first="Alice", last="Smith")
    bob = Person.add(first="Bob", last="Jones")

# Join the first and last names of all people separated by a space.
with model.query() as select:
    person = Person()
    full_name = join([person.first, person.last], " ")
    response = select(full_name)

# Output:
#              v
# 0  Alice Smith
# 1    BobJ ones

The sequence of strings to join can have any length.

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