InstanceProperty.extend(others: Iterable[Any]) -> None

Extends a multi-valued property of an Instance with values from an iterable and creates the property if it doesn’t exist. Must be used in a rule or query context.


othersIterable[Any]The values to add to the property. Acceptable value types include Producer objects, as well as numbers, strings, dates, and datetime objects.




import relationalai as rai

# Create a model named "books" with Author and Book types.
model = rai.Model("books")
Author = model.Type("Author")
Book = model.Type("Book")

# Add multiple books to an author using extend.
with model.rule():
    herbert = Author.add(name="Frank Herbert")
        Book.add(title="Dune Messiah"),
        Book.add(title="Children of Dune")

# Get the titles of books written by Frank Herbert.
with model.query() as select:
    # Get all books by Frank Herbert.
    book = Author(name="Frank Herbert").books
    # Select the title property of the book.
    response = select(book.title)

# Output:
#               title
# 0  Children of Dune
# 1              Dune
# 2      Dune Messiah

In the example above, herbert.books.extend() creates the multi-valued property books for the herbert object. In contrast, the Author.name property is single-valued as it is defined through Type.add(). Single-valued properties can also be established using Instance.set(). Calling InstanceProperty.extend() on a single-valued property raises an Exception:

# Attempting to extend the author name property with multiple values fails.
# The author property is single-valued because it was created with Type.add().
with model.rule():
    Author(name="Isaac Asimov").name.extend(
        ["Franklin Herbert", "Franklin Patrick Herbert, Jr."]

# Output:
# Exception: Trying to use a property `name` as both singular and multi-valued

Single values can be added to a multi-valued property by passing an iterable containing one value, or directly using the InstanceProperty.add() method.

You can extend multi-valued properties across multiple rules. For instance, the next rule adds two more books to Frank Herbert’s books property:

with model.rule():
    author = Author(name="Frank Herbert")
        Book.add(title="God Emperor of Dune"),
        Book.add(title="Heretics of Dune")

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