Suspends ingestion of Change Data Capture (CDC) into the RelationalAI (RAI) Native App. Requires the cdc_admin application role.


Use suspend_cdc() to suspend ingestion of CDC for the RAI Native App:


Suspending CDC stops the ingestion of CDC data into the RAI Native App. RAI schemas retain access to the data they have already received. All batches currently being processed are stopped. Changes to the source tables and views are tracked while CDC is suspended, but not ingested.

Change tracking consumes compute and storage resources. To disable CDC completely and avoid charges, delete all streams using delete_data_stream(), then delete the CDC engine using the delete_engine() procedure:

-- Delete each data stream in every RAI schema. Replace <rai_schema>
-- with the name of each schem and <sf_db>.<sf_schema>.<table_or_view>
-- with the fully-qualified name of each source object.
CALL relationalai.<rai_schema>.delete_data_stream('<sf_db>.<sf_schema>.<table_or_view>');

-- Delete the CDC engine. Replace <engine_name> with the name of the
-- CDC engine. The second argument is `true` to force deletion without
-- assigning a new CDC engine.
CALL relationalai.api.delete_engine('<engine_name>', true);

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