delete_engine(<engine_name>[, <force_delete>])

Deletes a specified RelationalAI (RAI) engine running on Snowpark Container Services. Ensure the engine is no longer needed before deletion. Requires the eng_admin application role.


<engine_name>STRINGThe name of the engine to delete (case-sensitive).
<force_delete>BOOLEAN(Optional) If TRUE, deletes the engine even if it is actively in use. Default is FALSE.


Use delete_engine() to delete an existing RAI engine. Ensure that the engine is not actively in use before deletion.

For example, to delete an engine named my_rai_engine:

CALL relationalai.api.delete_engine('my_rai_engine');

You may not delete an engine that is currently used to process CDC streams. To delete a CDC engine, use the setup_cdc() procedure to reassign the stream to another engine before deleting the original engine. Alternatively, set the force_delete parameter to TRUE to delete the engine regardless of its current use:

CALL relationalai.api.delete_engine('my_rai_engine', TRUE);

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