rai transactions:cancel [OPTIONS]

Cancel a transaction.


--idTextThe ID of the transaction to cancel. If missing, you are prompted to enter the ID interactively.
--all-usersFlagShow transactions from all users. If missing, only transactions from active config profile’s user are shown.


Use the transactions:cancel command without any options to interactively select a transaction to cancel:

$ rai transactions:cancel


▰▰▰▰ Transactions fetched

  ID   Schema   State   Created   Duration

? Select a transaction to cancel:
│❯   1/1                                                                                   │
│❯ 01b439b8-0002-6941-0051-c007049869fa                                                    │

▰▰▰▰ Transaction cancelled


Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the list of transactions, and press Enter to select a transaction to cancel. You can search for a transaction by typing part of its ID in the prompt.

Use the --all-users flag to show transactions from all users in the interactive list.

If you know the ID of the transaction you want to cancel, you can specify it using the --id option and skip the interactive propmt:

$ rai transactions:cancel --id 01b439b8-0002-6941-0051-c007049869fa


▰▰▰▰ Transaction cancelled


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