class Type

Types are used to categorize objects in a model. You create types using the Model.Type() method, which returns an instance of the Type class.


.modelModelThe model to which the type belongs.
.namestrThe name of the type.


.__call__()Query objects of this type.Instance
.__or__(value)Create a union of two types.TypeUnion
.add(*args, **kwargs)Add a new object to the model.Instance
.extend(others)Extend the type with all objects from another type.None
.known_properties()Get all known properties of objects of type Type.List[str]


Use Model.Type() to create a Type object rather than constructing one directly:

import relationalai as rai

# Create a new model named "people" with Person and Adult types.
model = rai.Model("people")
Person = model.Type("Person")
Adult = model.Type("Adult")

# Add some people to the model in a rule context using Person.add().
with model.rule():
    Person.add(name="Alice", age=30)
    Person.add(name="Bob", age=20)
    Person.add(name="Carol", age=10)

# All people who are at least 18 years old are adults.
with model.rule():
    person = Person()  # Get all Person objects.
    person.age >= 18  # Filter for people who are at least 18 years old.
    person.set(Adult)  # Set each person as a member of the Adult type.

# Query the model for names of adults.
with model.query() as select:
    adult = Adult()  # Get all Adult objects.
    response = select(adult.name)  # Select the name of each adult.

# Output:
#     name
# 0  Alice
# 1    Bob

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