InstanceProperty.set(*args: Type, **kwargs: Any) -> Instance

Set properties or assigns types to objects produced by an InstanceProperty object. Returns the Instance object on which the property or type is set. Must be used in a rule or query context.


*argsTypeOptional types to apply to the object.
**kwargsAnyProperties to set on the objects with <property_name>=<value> format. Accepts Producer objects, numbers, strings, dates, and datetime objects.


Returns the Instance object on which the property or type is set.


Use .set() to assign properties and types directly on objects associated with a specific property:

import relationalai as rai

# Create a model named "books" with Author and Book types.
model = rai.Model("books")
Author = model.Type("Author")
Book = model.Type("Book")

# Add some authors and books to the model.
with model.rule():
    Book.add(title="Foundation", author=Author.add(name="Isaac Asimov"))

# Set a note property on the author of the Foundation book.
with model.rule():
    Book(title="Foundation").author.set(note="Science fiction author")

with model.query() as select:
    author = Author()
    response = select(, author.note)

# Output:
#            name                    note
# 0  Isaac Asimov  Science fiction author

.set() also works with multi-valued properties created using .add() or .extend():

# Add a books property to the Author type.
with model.rule():
    # Get all books
    book = Book()
    # Get the author of the book.
    author =
    # Create multi-values books property for the author and add the book to it.
    # books multi-valued because it is created with InstanceProperty.add().

# Set the genre property to "Sciene Fiction" on books by Isaac Asimov.
with model.rule():
    Author(name="Isaac Asimov").books.set(genre="Science fiction")

# Get the names of authors and the titles and genres of their books.
with model.query() as select:
    # Get all author objects.
    author = Author()
    # Select the name of the author and the title and genre of their books.
    response = select(, author.books.title, author.books.genre)

# Output:
#            name       title            genre
# 0  Isaac Asimov  Foundation  Science fiction

InstanceProperty.set() works exactly the same as Instance.set(). See the Instance.set() documentation for more examples and details.\

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