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To make fast, repeatable decisions across the company, you have to put your organization’s knowledge to work. RelationalAI’s Knowledge Graph Coprocessor operationalizes the rules, relationships, and decision systems that drive your business, all while staying entirely within the Snowflake data cloud.

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The Knowledge Graph…

Think of the knowledge graph as a “collective common sense.” It doesn’t just capture that you have a sales table, it captures that your team keeps an eye on transactions over a certain amount that come from one of your more “eccentric” customers.

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… Coprocessor

Instead of creating another silo, we integrate powerful decision-making tools like graph analytics, rules-based reasoning, and mathematical optimization directly into your data cloud. Our Native Application, built on Snowpark Container Services, keeps everything securely within the Snowflake perimeter.


Beyond Count(*)

For business queries over massive amounts of data, there’s nothing better than Snowflake, but SQL struggles to go beyond aggregations over tables.

Decisions require you to utilize every form of automated intelligence at your disposal, from community detection and centrality analysis for finding your most influential users to mixed integer solvers that determine the optimal allocation of goods in your warehouses.

RelationalAI extends the best that Snowflake has to offer with an array of powerful decision making tools to help deliver on the promise of “all data, all workloads.”

Graph Analytics
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Rules-based reasoning
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