Put your knowledge to work

Capture your collective “common sense”

RelationalAI’s knowledge graph provides a common model of your business to help you observe, decide, and act.

Streamline and enhance decisions

RelationalAI’s coprocessor powers advanced analytics and AI to ensure you can make consistent, high quality decisions at unprecedented speed across the entire organization.

Leverage your data cloud to its full potential 

Our deep integration means you get powerful new decision tools all while maintaining your existing security and governance.

A different level of integration

We believe that rather than creating yet another silo, knowledge graphs should live with your data and take advantage of the tremendous value you get from centralizing everything in Snowflake’s data cloud. 

Since RelationalAI’s native application is built on top of Snowpark Container Services, data never leaves the Snowflake perimeter. You get the same governance and the same security, but with a new set of tools for decision making.

That gives you super powers

"We slashed legacy code by 90% and reduced processing times from over a month to several hours."
EY Financial Services
"RelationalAI enables us to enhance our semantic models and perform sophisticated analysis like graph analytics"
Mark Austin VP of Data Science and AI, AT&T
“Running as a Knowledge Graph Coprocessor inside of Snowflake, RelationalAI provides the semantic understanding and reasoning capabilities that enable our customers to predict any disruptions and proactively drive mitigation actions. RelationalAI provides us with the foundation to offer a scalable and extensible solution while reducing our legacy code by over 80%.”
Amanpreet Singh, Corporate Vice President, Blue Yonder

A new toolset

Get native support for common graph analytics tasks like centrality, community detection, similarity, and path analysis and leverage a suite of advanced algorithms to uncover hidden patterns and relationships within your data.

Graph Analytics

Compose applications by embedding rules in the knowledge graph to drive consistency and reusability across your organization. Ensure that business processes are aligned, scalable, and easily adaptable to changing requirements.

Rules-based reasoning

Express mathematical optimization models for business objectives with any open-source or commercial solver. Enhance resource allocation, streamline operations, and find new areas for cost savings.


For problems that matter

Customer 360

Uncover important relationships and connections to improve engagement. By integrating data from various sources, gain a comprehensive view of your customers, enabling more personalized interactions and targeted marketing strategies.

Fraud detection

Build graph-based features to augment your fraud model predictions. Leverage advanced analytics to detect unusual patterns and suspicious activities, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions and protecting your business.


Identify similar consumers or products for personalized recommendations. Enhance customer satisfaction and drive sales by offering tailored suggestions based on user behavior and preferences, fostering a more engaging shopping experience.

Supply chain visibility

Track products throughout your supply chain with ease. Enhance operational efficiency by identifying bottlenecks and potential disruptions, ensuring timely deliveries and optimized inventory management.

Entity resolution

Use a knowledge graph to “see” through noisy data to find related information and duplicated data. Achieve higher data accuracy and consistency, improving decision-making and operational efficiency by eliminating redundancies and ensuring reliable insights.

Influencer analysis

Identify influencers and communities in your customer base. Leverage insights to amplify your marketing campaigns by targeting key opinion leaders and understanding the social dynamics within your customer network.