ContextSelect.__get_attribute__(name: str) -> Instance

Gets an InstanceProperty that produces property values of objects added to a ContextSelect object. Must be used in a rule or query context.


namestrThe name of the property to get.


An Instance object.


import relationalai as rai

model = rai.Model("books")
Book = model.Type("Book")

# Add some books to the model.
with model.rule():
    Book.add(title="Foundation", author="Isaac Asimov", year=1951)
    Book.add(title="Humble Pi", author="Matt Parker", year=2019)

# Get all books authored by Isaac Asimov or published after 1950.
with model.query() as select:
    book = Book()
    with model.match(multiple=True) as matched:
        with == "Isaac Asimov":
            matched.add(book, message="authored by Asimov")
        with book.year > 1950:
            matched.add(book, message="published after 1950")
    # Select the `.title`, `.author`, and `.message` properties of
    # objects in `matched`. Note that `.title` and `.author` were created
    # by `Book.add()`, whereas `.message` was created by `matched.add()`.
    response = select(matched.title,, matched.message)

# Output:
#         title        author                     v
# 0  Foundation  Isaac Asimov    authored by Asimov
# 1  Foundation  Isaac Asimov  published after 1950
# 2   Humble Pi   Matt Parker  published after 1950

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