New Histogram and Algebra Rel Libraries

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new Rel Libraries: the Histogram and Algebra Libraries.

The Histogram Library contains definitions of relations for creating histograms in Rel. Our Data Vizualiation guide provides more information on how to create graphical representations of Rel, including histograms.

The Algebra Library contains a collection of algebraic operations for data modeling. Examples include symmetric and antisymmetric operations.

For instance:

symmetric(D, ∼)

A binary relation is symmetric if for all a and b in D, whenever a ∼ b is true, then b ∼ a is also true.

antisymmetric(D, ∼)

A binary relation is antisymmetric if for all a and b in D, whenever a ∼ b and b ∼ a are true, then b = a.

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