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Build Data Apps with Intelligence

Data apps are overtaking traditional applications by infusing apps with intelligence. With clear and accessible logic, intelligent data apps lower the barrier to codifying and utilizing knowledge.

Start with a Knowledge Graph

Graphs are a natural representation of important relationships. RelationalAI uses an intelligent knowledge graph to serve-up relationships and logic together as executable models. It's the first relational knowledge graph system built for developing intelligent data apps.

Complete Your Modern Data Stack

RelationalAI completes the modern data stack by allowing data apps to be implemented declaratively with data and logic together in the database. This enables data apps to access knowledge for advanced workloads from reasoning and graph analytics to mathematical optimization and machine learning - all within a fully functional, modern data stack.

As a relational and cloud-native system, RelationalAI knowledge graphs fit naturally into the modern data stack with practically infinite compute and storage capacity, zero-copy cloning, versioning, workload isolation, data and knowledge sharing.

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