New Documentation Walkthrough and Knowledge Graph Tutorial

Our documentation site has been updated to include two new guides helping users get started with the service.

We created a documentation walkthrough guide to our Getting Started section. This is designed to guide users through the documentation, depending on their particular interests.

It contains tracks for our Relational Knowledge Graph System (RKGS) and our declarative modeling language, Rel, and provides a suggested order for users to work through our material. In contains sections on intro tutorials, data handling, modeling, and Rel.

We have also added a new tutorial designed to give users their first introduction to the concept of a knowledge graph, and how to model and query in Rel. My First Knowledge Graph explains in simple terms what knowledge graphs are and why they are so crucial for solving real-world business problems.

We invented a simple example for users to work through, which they can download and practice in a RAI Notebook. Users will learn some basic Rel and create and query their own knowledge graph.

We are excited to continue bringing you clear, actionable educational material, and we’ll be adding more to our documentation site soon.