Case Study: Big 4 Tax Accountancy Sees 10X Speedup

Many organizations deal with complex business rules and logic, but perhaps no more than when working with tax regulations, especially when new rules impact existing rules. Recently, the RelationalAI team had a chance to work with a global tax accountancy to improve automated tax analysis for their clients.

The services company had created an application that constructed a general ledger based on a client's securities portfolio. Of course, they needed to comply with all relevant tax laws, and they were struggling with interdependent regulations that were sometimes recursive. Their automated systems just couldn't complete analysis fast enough --- not to mention the challenges of continually updating logic to take into account new rules.

The RelationalAI team was able to work with these subject matter experts to capture complicated application logic with 50 times less code. Moreover, they could now complete even very intricate calculations up to 10 times faster.

Read the case study to learn more about how RelationalAI helped this leading tax accountancy improve client experience, quickly flex to dynamic changes, and meet regulatory requirements.