AI-Enhanced Customer Experiences With Relational Knowledge Graphs

Hybrid shopping and other enhanced customer experiences are big trends in retail. Customers want a unified, personalized experience across retail channels, but this is easier said than done. Achieving this vision means interconnecting everything: from your distribution centers, to your websites, to your brick and mortar stores.

A Fortune 50 retailer drove $1 billion in incremental revenues over the last three years after deploying AI models developed by RelationalAl.

These AI-enhanced customer experience initiatives covered three areas:

AI-Enhanced Personalization

A Relational Knowledge Graph serves as a comprehensive foundation for AI, optimizing personalization to drive incremental revenues.

True Omnichannel Customer Experiences

RelationalAI connects disparate data sources to bridge the gap between in-store and online experiences.

New Revenue Streams

A Relational Knowledge Graph enables next-generation features and functionality such as virtual visual experiences.

Enhanced Customer Experiences Deliver Results

Unifying your customers' experience with interconnected retail knowledge delivers results by increasing sales in existing channels and enabling new ones.

Personalization Wins

By combining industry knowledge, public and internal data, and cutting-edge machine learning techniques, this retailer saw dramatic improvements:

  • Conversion rates improved by 15.6% and revenue per visit increased by 18.5%
  • Recommendation relevance improved by 10-60% over previous solutions
  • Product catalog coverage increased from 16% to 18.5%

Customer Experience Wins

By leveraging our graph-driven AI as a reusable data fabric for applications that serve in-store and online shoppers, customers get a world-class experience finding products in a physical store as quickly as they can online, with precise location information surfaced in search results while they are in-store.

New Revenue Channel Wins

An all-new Virtual Visual Experience powered by RelationalAI lets customers quickly find and replace products in their home using their mobile phone camera, matching specifications against available inventory for quick purchase.

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The team at RelationalAI are published experts with deep retail experience (RecSys'20).

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