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RelationalAI Named in the 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendors in Augmented Data Management


We’re honored that RelationalAI has been recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor for Augmented Data Management. We built RelationalAI’s groundbreaking relational knowledge graph system to eliminate knowledge silos and make it easier for domain experts and developers to jointly create intelligent data applications. Intelligent data apps leverage declared business logic to automate knowledge processes and make knowledge accessible to a wide range of users.

Today, industry-leading companies are using RelationalAI to create a semantic layer for their cloud data lakes and data warehouses. This semantic layer allows organizations to express business logic for critical applications such as data governance, fraud detection, securities analysis, structural search, and contextual recommendation. With a knowledge graph, business logic is accessible across a variety of applications as reusable knowledge.

Expressing complex logic as declared knowledge is not possible with today’s generation of SQL databases. The new generation of intelligent data apps must rely on separate application stacks, programming models, and procedural languages — escaping from a declarative SQL environment. With RAI, knowledge is integrated into the database as declared models with all the automation benefits of a relational system, including fewer lines of code, self optimized execution, scalability, and human readable models. RAI brings data and knowledge together, radically simplifying how the next generation of data applications are built.

As part of the Cool Vendor report, we are delighted that the impact of bringing data application, graph, and machine learning workloads into a single relational system has been recognized. RelationalAI provides a platform to support all of these workloads without the complexity of integrating data across multiple systems. The report has also identified the versatility that comes from supporting SQL in addition to a stored relational language (Rel) that provides an expressive way to declare logic and model business concepts.

Knowledge graphs are increasingly being paired with cloud data lakes and data warehouses to provide a semantic layer for data applications. RelationalAI provides a single system to model business concepts, the relationships between them, and the associated application logic. Our goal is to enable any data professional or domain expert to easily express, use, and share knowledge through intelligent data applications.

We think the technology we’ve developed is pretty cool and provides unique business value. We’re glad to see others do too. Those with a Gartner subscription can read the full vendor write up of the Gartner Cool Vendors for Augmented Data Management, here (opens in a new tab).

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