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Build Vega-Lite Charts With Rel


We are excited to announce enhanced Rel language support for Vega-Lite in the RAI Console (opens in a new tab).

Rel now provides high-level utilities for common chart types, including bar charts, line charts, and scatter charts. We have added convenience relations making it much easier to build these interactive charts from your data.

We have two Rel visualization libraries: the Vega Visualization Library (opens in a new tab) and the Vega-Lite Visualization Library (opens in a new tab). The Vega-Lite library includes templates (opens in a new tab) and utilities (opens in a new tab) to help you plot your own bar, line, scatter, and custom charts.

As an example, the following code can be run in a RAI Notebook to display a simple bar chart:

// read query
def data:letter = {(1, "A"); (2, "B"); (3, "C")}
def data:number = {(1, 24); (2, 67); (3, 43)}
def chart = vegalite:bar[:letter, :number, {:data, data}]
def output = vegalite:plot[chart]

This will display as below:

For more information about the new convenience relations for Vega-Lite, refer to our Data Visualization (Vega-Lite) (opens in a new tab) guide.

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