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Asynchronous Transactions: Start Now, Check Later


RelationalAI’s full suite of SDKs provides access to API endpoints which allow you to track long-running transactions in our Relational Knowledge Graph Management System (RKGMS (opens in a new tab)). This is more reliable for long-running transactions, allows transactions to be canceled, and keeps a log of transactions that you can inspect either while they’re running or at a later time.

You can now create a transaction, get an ID back, and then use that ID to check its progress and get its results. You no longer need to keep your connection to the cloud open until the transaction completes. This allows you to run asynchronous transactions and see results for up to seven days.

Asynchronous transactions are available in the RelationalAI SDKs (opens in a new tab) for Julia, Python, Java, Go, and C#. See specifically the Exec and ExecAsync methods.

Managing Transactions

Database transaction activity can be viewed, analyzed, and managed in the RAI Console (opens in a new tab). This gives you access to all transactions associated with the selected RAI account, including transactions initiated via the Console or any of the RelationalAI SDKs.

You can inspect the details of all past and currently running transactions, as well as cancel running transactions.

Searching for Transactions

You can search for transactions by entering text in the search box. Search only returns results for transactions already displayed; it will not return results for earlier transactions.

You can view detailed information on a transaction, which looks like this:

transaction details page

Further information is provided on the transaction details page, including transaction status (transaction, query, results), state (created, running, completed, aborted), and details.

For more details, see Managing Transactions in the RAI Console (opens in a new tab).

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