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A Knowledge Graph for the Modern Data Stack

RelationalAI is a next-generation database system for intelligent data applications based on relational knowledge graphs.

Build Intelligent Data Apps with RelationalAI's Knowledge Graph Management System


RelationalAI’s expressive, declarative language (Rel) leads to a 10-100x reduction in code. Applications are developed faster, with superior quality by bringing non-technical domain experts into the creation process and by automating away complex programming tasks.


Take advantage of the extensible graph data model as the foundation of data-centric architecture. Integrate models to discover new relationships and break down barriers between applications.

Cloud Native

Deliver effectively unlimited scale, workload isolation, versioning, and instant sharing of knowledge through RelationalAI’s cloud-native architecture. On-demand pricing with separation of compute and storage allows for elastic knowledge graph solutions.

RelationalAI Provides

Relational Graph Data Model

Efficiently represent labeled property graphs, RDF and relational data models as fully normalized (Graph Normal Form) relations. Leverage RelationalAI’s worst-case optimal join (WCOJ) algorithm and automatic index selection to efficiently query graph data without managing indices or providing hints for query optimization.


Use RelationalAI's declarative, relational language Rel to model domain knowledge and reflect over data, meta-data, and logic. This expressive abstraction frees you from dealing with execution details. Rel is designed to be human-readable, allowing domain experts and developers to work together to specify intent when modeling business logic.

Incrementality and Reactivity

Take advantage of RelationalAI's declarative semantics and incremental computation to ensure models are up-to-date when underlying data changes. RelationalAI’s incremental view maintenance minimizes the amount of information that needs to be restated after data inserts or updates.

Advanced Analytics and Reasoning

RelationalAI supports advanced analytics including graph analytics, mathematical optimization, machine learning, and reasoning. Uncover hidden patterns, improve forecasts, and create highly predictive features for machine learning.

Extend Your Cloud Data Platform

RelationalAI extends cloud data platforms, like Snowflake, with materialized views over tabular data to support new workloads. Continually enhanced existing data with a knowledge graph view.

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RelationalAI offers pay-as-you-go pricing with no upfront costs. Only pay for the resources you consume, billed at per hour granularity. Compute and storage are metered separately, with the ability to dynamically add and remove compute resources. Get started for as little as a couple dollars an hour.

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