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Trust Center

At RelationalAI we take security and privacy of your data very seriously

Security Controls

Vulnerability Management

RelationalAI conducts regular third-party penetration tests and runs ongoing vulnerability scans across our infrastructure. Vulnerabilities are remediated within industry standard SLA. In addition, RelationalAI prioritizes reports of suspected vulnerabilities from our users and independent security researchers.

Data Encryption

Data confidentiality and integrity needs robust encryption. Data in transit and at rest is protected by strong, industry-approved encryption algorithms.

Information Security

RelationalAI has regular SOC2 audits to ensure compliance with industry best practices. Security policies are communicated to and followed by all employees. 

Personnel Security

All employees are held responsible for protecting your data and company assets. Production access is approved on an as-needed basis. Additional background checks are performed against all employees with access to production services.

Data Privacy

Privacy of your data is of the utmost importance. We follow industry best practices to design our privacy policy as stated in the RelationalAI Privacy Policy.


RelationalAI has been certified by an independent auditor under the SOC 2 Type II framework.

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