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Partnering with leading retailers to solve complex challenges, reduce fraud, and improve customer experiences

Using Relational Knowledge Graphs

to solve key retail challenges

Supply Chain Orchestration

Challenge: Supply Chain

Retailers are experiencing a rapid increase in online orders and therefore need to establish new optimization strategies for Direct Fulfillment Centers (DFCs) to meet customer demand. The complexity and variations of data make this difficult.

Solution: Assortment Optimization

RelationalAI can develop a comprehensive model for determining the assortment of products to store at the DFCs to serve online customer orders and to suggest the optimal storage quantities at each DFC.

This maximizes the space inside a warehouse based on the demand expected using data surrounding product demand direct to fulfillment center information, pricing, and transportation.


Reduction in markdown by 25-30% and 10% reduction in store management costs.


Challenge: Retail Fraud

There has been a significant increase in retail fraud at multiple levels - from complex organized crime rings to in-store theft. For more complicated types of organized crime, rings leverage a multitude of accounts, techniques, documents, payment types, phone numbers, etc. that can make identifying them a challenge.

Solution: Community-Based Detection

RelationalAI offers cutting-edge technology that not only applies advanced graph analytics to understand secondary and tertiary connections faster across data silos, but also incorporates advanced reasoning to make connections that may not have been considered before.


Increases fraud detection rates by 15-20% and reduces false positives by 20-50% — while typically improving customer satisfaction scores by 1-2 points.

Enhanced Search and Recommendation

Challenge: Personalized Promotion

Retail has a critical need for a unified experience across channels.
To make it seamless and personalized, everything from the distribution center to the website to brick and mortar stores needs to be connected from a systems perspective, but legacy technology and data silos make this difficult.

Solution: Interconnected Data

RelationalAI combines industry knowledge, cutting-edge machine learning, and public data to disambiguate visitors as they move from one channel to the next. Understanding unique customer behavior along with the nuances of retail data (inventory, SKUs, etc.) is the foundation for a personalized experience.


Improved conversion rates by 15% and increased revenue per visit by 18%.

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