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Financial Services

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Using Relational Knowledge Graphs

to solve key banking challenges

Knowledge Extraction

Challenge: Knowledge Extraction

Unstructured data, including text or documents, represents the majority of data in enterprises. For financial institutions, contractual documents contain a wealth of knowledge that is difficult and expensive to tap into, but that the business relies on heavily.

Solution: Democratizing Data

RelationalAI technology leverages  AI/ML algorithms to  extract key information from text with limited to no  input from users. The extracted information, together with domain knowledge, is then structured in a relational knowledge graph.

The newly constructed knowledge graph enables self-service for the business through querying, search, and other use cases. This allows the business to work more  independently to identify contractual risks or loopholes, and prevent business losses caused by non-compliance.


20-25% increase in efficiency gains driven by better search and query answering.

Portfolio Management

Challenge: Portfolio Management

Portfolio Managers spend a large amount of their  time manually rebalancing and reviewing their clients' portfolios. The rebalancing is usually managed in Excel, making the process non-scalable, slow, and suboptimal.

Solution: Automated Portfolio Management

RelationalAI's rebalancing tool, SmartRebalancer, blends machine learning, reasoning, and optimization to unlock the next generation of portfolio management. SmartRebalancer automates trade generation and tax management, giving a holistic view of the portfolio and enabling new levels of customer customizations, resulting in higher returns.


Increase in after-tax portfolio return by ~1%.

Commercial Excellence

Challenge: Commercial Excellence

Customers want a unified, personalized experience across channels. However, the customer journey today is fragmented across multiple departments, and the associated data reflects these silos. This makes cross-selling, attribution, and personalization difficult.

Solution: Interconnected Data

Personalization helps both the seller's ability to cross-sell and the online customer experience. Building on top of a relational knowledge graph allows more data types to be connected and domain knowledge to be embedded. The result is increased revenue and customer satisfaction.


10-20% revenue uplift, 5-10% increase in testing speed, and 20-30% increase in customer engagement and satisfaction.

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