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Worksheets in the RAI Console


05 April 2023

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We are excited to announce worksheets, a new interface for creating models and submitting Rel queries. Worksheets allow you to develop blocks of Rel code and run them against a database. They can be shared with other users using their URLs.

The RAI Console is a web application, allowing you to get started with Rel right away, without installing any apps. It features an Editor that you can use to create, edit, and run worksheets.

Worksheets are saved per account, so multiple users can access and work with them. You can now open multiple tabs with worksheets and models, and you can hide and resize panels as you prefer.

The Output tab shows the results of a query in one of the following modes:

LogicalShows results as they appear in Rel.
PhysicalShows results as they are stored in the database in table form.
RawShows results as they look on the wire.
Partitioned (Horizontal)Separates results and displays output headers horizontally at the top of the Output window.
Partitioned (Vertical)Separates results and displays output headers vertically at the right-hand side of the Output window.

There are two view modes for these results. You can also rearrange columns, rearrange elements in a column, resize columns, and show/hide columns. You can export results into a CSV or Excel file.

We have also updated the Problems panel, which helps you troubleshoot queries. This panel shows any errors in the query and highlights them in the worksheet itself.

You can learn more about the RAI Console and its features in the RelationalAI documentation.

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