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What’s a RAI Shot? RAI Shot

Steve Herskovitz

01 June 2021

less than a minute read

Why are they called shots?

Our company is called RelationalAI. We use the initials RAI and pronounce it “rye”.

We were inspired by the distillation process of “rye shots”.

Our shots are small servings of concentrated goodness.

You can have one shot or several.
Each is intended to “pack a punch”.

RAI shots are complex topics distilled to their essence.

Think of espresso shots, wheatgrass shots, ginger shots, beet juice shots, and so on.

We take the Simon Sinek approach of addressing the Why, What, and How:

  • Why does this topic matter to you — the business value
  • What is this topic — a fundamental description of the concept or capability
  • How we do it — how the RAI implementation differentiates us

These shots try to bring you the “real thing”.

No gratuitous marketing fluff.

We won’t tell you that everything is seamless, instant, backward- and forward-compatible, interoperable and multifunctional, empowering dynamic next-generation synergistic tools for multidisciplinary high-impact market-driven user-centric solutioning.

Our shots define or explain RAI concepts while avoiding unnecessary industry buzzwords.

We try to use concise diagrams that emphasize key points.

We know that building Data Apps and deploying AI into production is challenging.

We focus on providing powerful tools that are easy-to-use for serious users.

We won’t make overly grand claims because we are confident that what we are building is truly transformative.

Here’s our current Menu.

We’ve started with some core shots to help you understand RAI’s vision and key elements of the platform.

We have a couple dozen ideas for new shots.

Some cover additional architecture and capabilities of the platform.

Others focus on vertical use cases where we see increasing interest in Knowledge Graph technology.

Please check out the currently published shots, then visit the Contact Us page.

We would love to hear from you.

What shots would you like next?

Thanks for taking this “shot of ryegrass” with us!

To learn more, please see our website for contact information and other videos.

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