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New Console UI

Noor Shamasneh and Trevor Paddock and Denis Gursky

15 December 2021

less than a minute read

We are excited to present updates to the Console UI.

There are now no separate views for the Model Editor and the Query Browser. We’ve combined them into a single view, so you can show or hide one or the other as you prefer.

The tree view on the left-hand side shows everything in the database: EDBs/IDBs, models, and notebooks.

Saving models runs the current query automatically.

Model names are used to build the file tree. For example: folderA/modelA is the real name of the model but you’ll see it as folderA with modelA inside it.

You can uncollapse models to see IDBs defined in the model. The tree view has a context menu which you can open by right-clicking or clicking the three dots.

We also have several new features in the context menu, including a new file upload feature. You can now delete EDBs, create, import, and rename models, and import and export notebooks.

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