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Automatically Close Unused Databases

Azamat Berdyshev and Malte Sandstede and Nathan Daly and Nikolas Göbel and Todd Veldhuizen

03 December 2021

less than a minute read

Up until now, database instances that you opened during your work would stick around in the engine’s memory, leading to potentially unbounded memory usage.

To fix this, we’re now cleaning up stale databases automatically: If you haven’t accessed a database for more than one hour, we’ll close it for you. Don’t worry though; if you access a closed database, we’ll just bring it into memory again.

You shouldn’t notice any of this — in particular, this does not delete any data! — it just helps to keep the engine’s memory usage in check. For example, this comes in very handy when you want to run a repeated workload by creating a new database for every run.

Now you can issue multiple tasks, creating new databases, without stressing the memory and your engine.

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